The Fred Edwards Trust

The Fred Edwards Trust is launching an Action Learning Programme for Active Citizens.   This is a voluntary co-mentoring programme to provide people in Scotland with the power and motivation to address issues within their professional, community or individual lives.  It aims to promote the development of self-belief, active citizenship, and a sense of empowered potential to help shape the future.


The Fred Edwards Trust (FET) is a new Scottish charity which aims to nurture active citizenship in Scotland.  It has been established in memory of Fred Edwards to capture and replicate Fred’s commitment to the following four principles:

social justice;  ecological integrity;  economic literacy;  a global view


The FET Action Learning Programme will incorporate the four principles above.   It is open to individuals of all ages and from all backgrounds.  


Participation in the programme is free.


Action Learning is a simple but powerful process where groups of individuals, guided by a trained facilitator, meet on a regular basis to address challenges in a supportive but enquiring environment.  Action Learning is a long-established and internationally recognised development method which has proven effectiveness in supporting beneficial change.  Key features include:

·         Working on real problems

·         Sharing perspectives

·         Learning by doing

·         Implementation of solutions – not ‘just talking’

·         Encouragement of questioning and reflection


Attached is a more detailed description of the FET Action Learning Programme and an Application Form for the Groups commencing in April 2011.  Please note that the closing date for applications (for this round of Groups) is 24th March, although we will welcome enquiries at any time (and subsequent groups will be starting again in the autumn).

The application forms and related documents can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking on the following links:

The Fred Edwards Trust Action Learning Information Sheet

Action Learning Facilitator Application Form
Action Learning Participation Application Form